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Wood Energy Solutions

Wood Energy New Zealand provides highly efficient, sustainably sourced wood fuel for commercial, industrial, healthcare and education sectors from our locally based production hubs nationwide. 

More than just a supplier of quality wood fuel products, Wood Energy can also help future-proof your business with a transition from fossil fuel to wood. 

We collaborate, network and partner to bring the brands and expertise which will provide our customers the care, attention, and energy solutions they need.

Tailored Wood Energy Solutions

With proven, established expertise, an energy supply solution can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Secure Supply

Wood Energy has processing and distribution hubs throughout New Zealand to meet the local demands of biomass contracts. We work collaboratively with our customers, foresters, and sawmills to design the most efficient supply chain.

Due to our commitment to holding large log stocks, having exclusive access to raw wood streams, operating from regional fuel hubs, and owning and operating our chipping plant, we can guarantee nationwide wood fuel supply all year round.


Wood Energy prides itself on providing a renewable source of energy that is natural, sustainable, and carbon neutral. It delivers considerable economic benefits as well as mitigates climate change.

The environment is the backbone of our operations and protecting our precious resources for tomorrow is at the forefront of everything we do. Wood Energy understands its responsibility to the environment and the importance of preserving New Zealand’s natural assets for future generations. 

Wood Energy is also committed to ‘doing its bit’ to reduce carbon emissions and has considered placement of operations near raw biomass sources and the end user. Replacing coal, gas, and fuel oils with wood fuel will also bring New Zealand closer to meeting its commitments to reduce emissions and move towards becoming a net zero-carbon economy.

‘Biomass energy is a form of bioenergy and increasing our use of bioenergy is good for the economy – providing economic growth through improved land use, new businesses, and employment, particularly in rural communities. It is a key component of a circular economy’. -BANZ.

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